What have I been up to?

As the world around us changes, so do we. Over the past few months, I have invested time in personal and professional development and have increased my skill set in all things technology. I am proficient in all types of virtual communication (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Whatsapp, etc.) and have continued to stay up-to-date on technological and social media trends around me. 

To date, one of the highlights of my professional experience has been having the opportunity to work as a Public Relations and Marketing Specialist for Gabi Garrett Media. By working for Gabi, I was able to increase lead generation by managing all of the company’s social media platforms, utilizing the Hubspot software in order to strategically organize and implement marketing and social media campaigns, and assist in the leadership of the acquisition of our company in order to grow as an organization and assist our clients in their success.

I look forward to improving my existing skills in the future by continuing to focus on meaningful relationships through freelance work and traditional types of employment. Additionally, I hope to continue to improve my existing skillset by adding new skills and characteristics to my personal brand and keeping my current certifications and skills up-to-date.

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