Public Relations + Marketing

Hi, I'm Ally!

Originally from Pensacola, Florida, I currently live in Auburn, Alabama, and am an active Public Relations and Marketing student at Auburn University. I am a relationship-based leader who is actively seeking new ways to learn and grow within the jobs and roles that I have been given. Through my leadership positions in on-campus organizations as well as off-campus internships and volunteer experiences, I have learned that it is most important to me to be able to create lasting relationships with the people around me and learn how we can better serve each other as well as serve our individual communities.

I have a passion for helping people in need and telling stories that without me, would otherwise go untold. When it comes to the world around us, there is much work to be done, but I believe if we intentionally work toward communicating with those around us and building relationships that are meant to be sustained, we will go further than we ever could expect.